Sunday, September 23, 2007

Treasure Hunt 2007 to Malacca

On Saturday 8 Sept 2007 recently, the sports club at my office (KSSE) had organized a treasure hunt to Malacca. This is the 3rd treasure hunt for club. The committee work together with our event consultant FG Network Consultancy Sdn Bhd. They can be contacted through Our company has engaged them a few times for our events and the results were also good.

Twenty four cars flagged off from Elektrisola in Janda Baik at 8:12 am. My car was the first to be flagged off because I arrived so early that morning so I have to be the first in line. My team members were Moorthy, Idayu and Hana. We get Moorthy's expertise to drive, I was the navigator and Idayu and Hana were reading the questions. This is the first time for Hana to join a treasure hunt. But not bad for her, she's quite alert on the clues. Moorthy is the experienced driver. Idayu also was always quick to absorb the clues and get the answers. I sometimes was lost with the tulips to navigate the route for our team. But we have had a good team spirit.

We have to take the old road to Malacca. We have to go through Tampin and all the kampung area. It's nice to see the villages. But we spent too much time in Tampin looking for four answers that was close together. It was hot and finally we got headache due to walking under the hot sun. And we could not find the exact answers. Only two confirm answers, the other one we guessed and another one we just left blank.

Finally we arrived at Putri Resort, Ayer Keroh, Malacca around 4:25 pm. We were a few minutes late and three points have been deducted as penalty for being late. We should arrive there by 4:12 pm in order to be on time (8 hours was given to complete the hunt).

All participants gathered at the ballroom for dinner and questions and answers presentation by Mr Baskaran and his teams. We did not expect much for our team, which we named as Spongy Orange (because our t-shirts is orange this year). During the presentation, we found that our team made only five mistakes out of 35 questions. But we did not get any treasure - the two items that we bought was not right. The other 3 questions for the treasure, we could not find the answers. But to our surprise, Spongy Orange was in the top ten. We managed to get no. 6th and won RM500.00 cash! That's not bad. 1st prize is RM2,000.0 cash. It's always nice to join a treasure hunt because the tricky questions can re-charge your mind.

We spent a night at Malacca and the next day after breakfast, we went to A'Famosa for some pictures. I've been to Malacca many times already but I don't know where are all the old pictures taken in Malacca. This time I'll try to keep the photos properly.

Friday, September 21, 2007

For a long lost friend...

It's been a long time I did not update my blog. I just don't know why... I was busy trying to catch up with the time that I've lost in the past. Fifteen years is not a short time if you have lost it in your life, but you'll never be able to catch up with it again. Anyway, what can we do about the past? How I wish we have never hurt each other, how I wish we are always happy together...

How I wish I can really practice what I've read in a motivational book "A Happy Pocket Full Of Money" by David Cameron - it said that time does not exist. I quoted below an extraction from the book:

"The Truth About Time: It does not exist except as you say it does.

Time is a funny thing. A very funny thing. The biggest trick time ever played on us was to make us think it was real, and that we were under its full control. Yet, time is a complete illusion, a strong and persistent illusion.

What wonderful news that is! Time is an illusion created by you. Once you understand how this illusion is created by you, you then begin to re-create it as you wish, consciously and deliberately instead of unconsciously and accidentally as you may have been doing.

What is time? What do I have to do with time? How should I think and be about time so that I may experience wealth and other things in larger quantities faster? This chapter will begin to answer these questions. In other chapters in this book, these concepts will become more real to you.

The only time that truly exists is Now..."

If I can really practice this is my mind, I will never feel that we have lost each other; we have always been together no matter how far apart we are.