Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mountain Climbing in Padang, Sumatera

1st Climbing – Mt Kerinci, Jambi, Indonesia – 3805 m

17 June 2010 - It is Sumatera’s highest point! Awesome feeling…. Mt. Kerinci is tougher than Mt. Kinabalu! But so much worth it - climbing around 13 to 15 hours. We rested for the night and started again the next morning. It was wet and cold night! My sister vomited due to high altitude and exhausted. One of the girls also was not able to walk properly, every two steps she had to stop. Few others, and me, we just walked following our own path, our own speed. Not chasing each other. Once we were out of the bushes the view was just breathtaking! Rocky and sandy trail began. We had to watch out every step we took.
It was dangerous and slippery. After struggling with own mind, body and soul finally I made it to the summit and saw with my own eyes the caldera or ‘kawah’ and the smoky from deep down of volcano! My wish came true! No doubt it was scary and afraid of falling down into the volcano. While waiting others to reach the summit I fell asleep by the caldera. It was cold yet the skin easily burned by the sunlight! On the way back, going down was even more difficult, painful and dangerous!

2nd Climbing – Mt Merapi (Mt of Fire), Sumatera Barat, Indonesia – 2891 m

19 June 2010 - It was a fun and relaxing climbing. It only took us 4 to 5 hours to reach the summit. Lost in the desert volcano! Also there is a famous garden for Edelweiss flower – “bunga abadi“ - they said the flower would not dry! I think the flower was the most expensive thing I ever got from this trip - it doesn’t cost any money but only cost by own strength and spirit. The touching moment was when a friend of mine call out for ‘azan’ once we reached the summit!

Personally I enjoyed the trips - closed to local people and closed to volcano!

Touched by the people and touched by the nature…

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wedding Reception at The Aryani Resort

On 7 March 2009 recently, I was invited to a wedding reception at The Aryani Resort, Rhu Tapai, Merang, Terengganu. I feel honored to received the invitation and it's because I'm a returned guest to The Aryani.

Though I don't know YM Dato' Raja Baharin personally, but I was happy to be invited by his staff at the resort. By now, most the staff know me by name and I also can remember a few names who have been working there since the first time I visited The Aryani Resort for example: Sue, Din, Nasfu, and a few new staff like Izzy, Nor.

The bride is the daughter of the resort's owner, Raja Shahirah Aishah Raja Baharin. The bridegroom is Syarul Reza. They both make a beautiful and handsome couple. May Allah bless their marriage for a lifetime. I arrived at Aryani quite late because it was raining when I reached Kuantan. I left Janda Baik at 7:30 am hoping that me and my Mom will arrive there early. But it started to rain very heavily when I arrived at Kuantan. Finally I only arrived Aryani at 4:00 pm. On the 7 March, Aryani was fully booked so I have to stay at Sutra Beach Resort, nearby Aryani. I missed all the "adat istiadat" event - the royalty culture of wedding. But my Mom and I were happy to be able to attend the wedding and meet the lovely couple.