Friday, March 2, 2007

Charity Convoy to Melaka

Charity convoy is a favourite event at my work place to most of our sports club (Kelab Sukan & Sosial Elektrisola - KSSE) members. Sometimes ago in 2004, we had been to Melaka on our yearly charity convoy. Looks like I'm going backward in my blog. The reason being, last time I don't have a blog yet. Now that I have a blog, so I want to post all of our good trips in my blog for others to read.

The charity convoy to Melaka was the first in our history where three girls were also riding their motorbikes throughout the journey to Melaka. Convoy always taught members to be more discipline. They should not overtake their friends when riding. Always follow the lane as instructed by marshalls. That's what I like best about convoy. Although I did not ride a bike, I can join the motorcycle convoy as marshall in a car. We normally must have at least one van and one car to escort our motorcyles convoy. The van has to carry all the participants luggages and any other things that we need for emergency during the convoy. The van normally followed at the back of the convoy. Another car would lead at the front row. If we are lucky, when passing by a town, traffic police on motorbike will escort us.

We left Janda Baik around 8:30 am. Our Managing Director, Mr Thilo J. Westerhausen, had flagged off the convoy. We took the Karak Highway and went to Gombak toll then took the highway to Seremban/Melaka.

Because it was Friday, the convoy stopped at a mosque at in a village that we passed by, for Friday prayer. We also got the chance to stretch our legs during the break. After Friday prayer, we bought packed lunch before continuing the journey to Amirah Beach Resort at Pengkalan Balak in Melaka. We arrived the resort around 4:00 pm and took our late lunch. Then we refreshed and rested in our rooms for a while. But some of the boys had already gone to the beach. That night, we had dinner at the resort.

On Saturday morning, we got ready to visit two orphanage homes in Melaka. One is the government orphanage home and the other one is run by a private individual. We spent sometimes with the children at the first home. The boys took the children for ride on their motorbikes, that made the children so happy. After giving away some souvenirs, donation etc; we left the home for a second home in our list.

We were welcomed at their hall. The Principal gave a welcome speech and our representative , Mohamed Amrah also gave a short speech. Amrah was the Vice-President of KSSE. After the wlecome and get to know session, we handed over our contribution and souvenirs for the children. After that, we had our lunch with the children and the staff at this home. After Zohor prayer at their surau, the boys took the children for ride on their motorbikes. The children rarely get this chance, so definitely they were so happy.

We left the home with sweet memories of the children and went back to the resort. That night, we had a barbeque dinner. Continued with karaoke session. The next day, we left Melaka safely to return to Janda Baik. Due to high discipline of all convoy members, we arrived back safely at Elektrisola around 6:00 pm.

See you again in next convoy!

Jumpa lagi di lain konvoi!

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