Monday, November 27, 2006

Passage to Tranquillity

It's quite tiring lately. Too many things are in my mind. I want to build a house for my Mom. But the loan matter is making me dead worried. My employer cannot give me the housing loan facility because I'm buying a Malay Reserved land. My employer is a 100 percent foreign company, so I cannot use the land title as a collateral.

Tired of all this procedures, I turn to internet to look out for something which can generate a side income for me. I've read about so many young internet millionaires all around the world. What do they do? What do they sell? What do they promote in their website? Just to be able to make this blog also took me so long before I found out the way to create it. May be because I'm learning alone in the dark, that's why it took me so long to find out. But I did ask the IT staff in my office about how to create a website - but they said they don't know. They did not create website for our company. The website is being taken care by our HQ staff in Germany.

Anyway, now that I've found and able to create my own blog, I don't know what should I really write. I'm looking for a way to make and get money from internet. I'm trying to look out for free affiliates program but we will get paid from any sales that we can make through our website.

Hope something will happen... soon!

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osman said...

selamat bercutiiiiii......bestnya.saya busy sangat lain kali insallah akan join sama.anyway happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyy and enjoy your terengganu kiteeee senyum sokmoo