Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Passion for Travelling

I always have great passion for travelling. Though I don't get the opportunity to travel overseas too often, but I'm grateful at least I have been to Europe - though not covered all. My favourite city - Paris! It's ok to enjoy Paris alone. It doesn't mean if you are not a couple, Paris won't welcome you. You can just join a tour group, and enjoy the romantic city with the friends in that group. They can help to snap your photo. You could catch some nice scenery from the boat cruising the River Seine and its bridges. You can tour the Eiffel Tower. You can enjoy Arc de Triomphe. You can catch the night scene at Champs d' Elysees. Don't forget to visit the Louvre and its Pyramid. Also the famous Montmatre, Notre Dame etc etc. I'm not a good writer so I can't describe everything in a very interesting way. But I have been there, I have seen it all, I enjoyed it very much!

If I can get another chance to go to Paris again, I'm also considering to visit some small fisherman village in the Southern of France. I'm making a virtual tour on the internet to get some info. Mimizan could be interesting. May be there's some other villages as well. If you read "Five Days in Paris" by Danielle Steel, there's one part she's writing about some fisherman village in France. That's make me want to go there and see for myself.

But one thing I've learned when I travel, I could see the moon is just the same as what I can see when I'm in Malaysia. The sky, the stars and the moon - they are all look the same... from any part of the world you are looking at them; be it the night you're walking at the Champs de Elysees Paris, or be it when you're crossing the Chappel Bridge in Switzerland, or you're just strolling around the small Innsbruck town in Austria, or cruising the boat in Venice... the moon and the stars and the sky... are the same, because they come from one creator.

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