Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feel fresh

After returning from a holiday, it will always make us feel fresh. Or do you feel worst... due to the driving or travelling etc. By right, everybody should feel better after a break, especially a holiday at a nice place. Guess what? I went for a holiday to The Aryani Resort at Terengganu with my Mom and my niece, Along, and there's no other guests during the first two nights there. Wow! That's very luxurious, we have the resort all to ourselves! Everybody in the resort (staff) just attended to us. It's really a royal treatment... we can even have breakfast at the pool side... They have nice coffee and delicious nasi dagang!

People did not go to Aryani during monsoon because they are afraid it might rain all the time and they can't really enjoy their holiday. But we were very lucky, it did not rain at all when we arrive during the first 2 days. On the third day, it just rained for a while... just a drizzling. I took advantage of the special rate during monsoon and enjoy the whole resort for ourselves! You won't always get this kind of opportunity.

The package is 4D/3N which include of breakfast and dinner and one spa treatment ie body scrub and floral bath in the outdoor jacuzzi tub. It worth the money that you have to pay!

Besides travelling, I also enjoy photography. But I never attended a proper photography lesson. I just learn by myself. With the latest technology of automatic cameras, the photos will just turn out well. All the photos in my blog was taken by me - except for the underwater photos from my friend, Renate, from Germany.


Anonymous said...

akum maksu.. how r u?
hmm, gi holiday ye. :)tak ajk kitorg pun... hope u enjoy ur holiday with tok n along.. i wonder when is our time to go with u n tok. hmm.. angah just told me bout ur blog, so i just check it out la.. - zam & fina

Anonymous said...

Salam Zam! TQ for visiting my blog. Pls sms your e-mail address to me. Pray that I'll be a millionaire, sure I'll take everyone for a holiday like that! Mak Su