Friday, December 8, 2006

Things are getting better

The trying time is getting better. Just like Janda Baik when it's always foggy in the morning... the view is getting clearer as the sun is rising higher. I'm beginning to have a clearer view now as I've received already three quotations for my house. They are all very expensive to me because I'm not a millionaire. I have to choose carefully and make sure that the contractor will complete building the house for me and I have enough money to pay for this construction.

I can't afford for any unnecessary additional cost. Anyway, when our mind is too full with a lot of things, it's better to talk to our good friends. It helps, really. And one thing that you should know if you want to buy a land and construct a house - make sure you make the drawing for your house first. If you have signed the S & P for the land, but your plan/drawing for the house is not ready yet, then you will be in trouble. You will have only 3 months from the date of the S & P to make full payment to the landlord. Then you'll have one month grace period. By right, if we cannot make full payment yet when the first 3 months was due, we will have to pay an interest of 8% per annum to the landlord. Unless the landlord agrees not to charge the interest, then you are lucky!

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