Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Camera and etc

Whenever we go for a holiday, we will need a camera as well. Last time when I went to SiPadan Water Village Resort in Mabul Island, my camera did not work well. It was Canon EOS500. I love that camera. But it was too bad for me at that time. The island is so beautiful and my camera failed to work! I was so frustrated because I could not take many pictures. It was not a digital camera, but it's supposed to be a good camera. After taking some shots (about 15), I could not press the shutter down! My friend, Kak Devi, did not bring a camera because she thought I already have a good camera.

When the boat was reaching the resort jetty, we were both stunned and amazed to see the beautiful island. Wowww... am I going to heaven? The crystal clear water... you can see all the corals and fishes below. There were many starfishes as well, with different colors. And when you entered the water chalet, it looked like there was a picture on the wall. But when I went closer to the "picture", it's actually a window wide open and the picture was actually the view outside the window - really picturesque! Unfortunately I don't have a digital form of the pictures. May be I have to scan the photos so that I can put a few in my blog.

Besides camera, we will need a pair of sunglasses if we go to the beach. Sunglasses is not only for fashion but it is to protect to eyes from the hot sun. Nowadays, there are many type of sunglasses. If you are wearing spectacles with power, you can make your spectacles using photogray lenses - it will become darker under the hot sun - depending on the color that you choose. It can be in brown color, blue or gray - like the one I use.


Anonymous said...

Your google ad has been partially obscured at the top. You need to look into this immediately or you could be banned by Google.

Norlia Jaafar said...

I've been trying to correct it, but I don't know how to do it. Have tried many times, but still can't get it right. How do I do it?

Norlia Jaafar said...

Finally I managed to put the ad properly! Thank you for your comment!