Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Support from friends

Dear Friends!

Thank you very much for your support! Thank you for spending your time to read my blog. Though I'm just learning, I'm glad that there are friends who have put their efforts to look at and read my blog. Thank you Nor, thank you Ezam, thank you Pinas, thank you Puan Askiah! And thank you all who might have read it but did not leave any comments so I didn't know that you have seen my blog.

I'm beginning to enjoy writing at my blog. Though sometimes I don't really have any idea what to write, but when I know that I have friends who are supporting me, then I will continue to write. We can share ideas, knowledge and whatever we can learn through the internet.

Mean while, my boss has gone for a winter holiday in Europe. I'm taking a break too. I'll be away for a holiday with my Mom and my niece, Along, to Aryani Resort from tomorrow. We will be back on Sunday. Hope the weather won't be that bad. I called the resort this afternoon and was informed by the staff that it's not so heavy rain. Anyway, I look forward to see this place again... The Aryani, here I come again!

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